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The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal toward Him.  II Chronicles 16:9

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Comment on Ban of Crosses on Utah Hwy
WHY can a few dictate what all may or may not do?? You’d have to have lived in outer space all your life to NOT know that a simple cross shape is a symbol of remembrance for one who died. [In the article: Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Utah Memorial Crosses Along Highway, the monuments were erected to honor Highway Patrol troopers who lost their lives in the line of duty. “…they selected crosses for the memorials because the image of a cross can simultaneously convey a message of death, remembrance, honor, gratitude and sacrifice.”]
If a cross offends you - whether used to commemorate a person who died, or any other use of the symbol, then LOOK THE OTHER WAY. All kinds of gross, obscene, offensive images are plentiful on billboards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, magazine covers, TV shows and commercials, in store windows, music videos, and movie theatres. Why doesn't anyone object and take these morally bankrupt expressions to court??  http://maudeandpoppy.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/court-bans-cross/  

Don't let the few dictate what all may do or not do.
Sat, August 21, 2010 | link 

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